Plan Documentation

Ports Retirement Plan Product Disclosure Statement 

The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) dated 20 May 2024 provides summary information on benefits, membership conditions and how the Plan is managed. The new member application form is on pages 24 and 25. Once completed please take it to your payroll along with your drivers licence identification. This is the only valid new member application form.

Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives

The Trustees select investment managers to invest all of the assets of the Plan.   The Statement of Investment Performance and Objectives sets out the performance targets for the investment managers, states how the managers will report to the Trustees and indicates the basis on which their investment results will be measured.

Annual Report

Each year the Trustees produce an annual report. That report reviews the operation of the Plan over the year, sets out what has been achieved and summarises the results. It includes both statutory information and summary financial statements about the operation of the Plan in the year.

Financial Statements 

Fund Update Default (Balanced)

The Fund Update tells you how the Default (Balanced) fund has performed and what fees are charged.

Fund Update Conservative

The Fund Update tells you how the fund has performed and what fees are charged. The Conservative Fund is available to Qualifying and Deferred members.

Ports Retirement Plan OMI

Ports Retirement Plan Other Material Information (OMI) contains important information about your investment.

Trust Deed – Ports Retirement Plan – 23 June 2022