Deferred & Qualifying Members

Investment Election Form Qualifying & Deferred Members

A “Qualifying Member means a Deferred Member or a Member who remains in Service
after their Normal Retirement Date.” A  Qualifying or Deferred Member may choose to change how his or her Plan balances are invested up to two times per year.

Balanced investment option, with a medium-to-long-term focus – investing Plan balances in a range of asset classes, but with a modestly higher allocation to growth assets (like shares and property) than to income assets (like fixed interest and cash).

Conservative investment option, which has a significantly higher target allocation to income assets (which tend to have lower risks but also lower potential returns) than to growth assets. As the proportion of growth assets in a fund decreases, so too does the expected level of risk.  The Conservative option is intended to produce more stable returns each year than the Balanced option, with a lower chance of a capital loss. The trade-off for this lower risk is that the Conservative option is likely in the long term to achieve a lower average return than the Balanced option.

You can choose whether you would like to invest in:
• Conservative; or
• Balanced (where your Plan balance will remain if you do nothing); or
• a mix of Conservative and Balanced

Ports Retirement Plan PDS 20 May 2024

The Product Disclosure Statement contains summary information for the Balanced and Conservative options in terms of investment objective, investment mix, fees and a risk indicator (and explains the risk indicator). See also section 4, headed What are the risks of investing.

Ports Beneficiary Update

This is the form that allows a member to elect or to change those who are nominated as possible beneficiaries in the event of the death of a member.   The information on the form will be used by the Trustees to help guide them in the payment of a death benefit from the Scheme, but is not a binding direction to the Trustees (who have wide discretions as to death benefit payments). In the unlikely event of your death while a member, the persons named on the beneficiary form will also be named in your will as the beneficiary of your Ports Retirement Plan benefit.

Ports Qualifying & Deferred Member Partial Withdrawal

This is the form for a partial or total withdrawal from your Deferred Account. Please complete and enclose a photo of both sides or your drivers licence and printed bank account deposit slip or a recent bank statement as printed proof of your NZ bank account number and address.  Post or courier the original form and bank document to action your payment.

PIR Change form

The Ports Retirement Plan is a Portfolio Investment Entities (PIE).
This means that the tax on the earnings from your Plan investments will be paid at your nominated tax rate. To update your PIR please review the chart on the form, complete and return to The Administration Manager at [email protected].