New Member

If you wish to become a member of the  Ports Retirement Plan please visit your payroll. If you join the Plan within your first six months of employment you will automatically qualify for the plan’s insurance cover. The application pages 24 and 25 of the PDS below:

Ports Retirement Plan PDS

The Product Disclosure Statement provides summary information on the benefits to which you are entitled, the conditions of membership and the way in which the Scheme is managed. Please complete the application form on page 24 of this document and take to your payroll.

Beneficiary Form

This is the form that allows a member to elect or to change those who are nominated as possible beneficiaries in the event of the death of a member.   The information on the form will be used by the Trustees to help guide them in the payment of a death benefit from the Scheme, but is not a binding direction to the Trustees (who have wide discretions as to death benefit payments).

Ports Workplace Personal Statement Form  

If you have been employed in the industry for more than six months before applying for plan membership, then you are deemed to be joining the plan outside automatic eligibility for the plan’s insurance benefit. The Plan’s Insurer, AIA New Zealand (previously Sovereign), require the attached  Ports Workplace Personal Statement Form to be completed and returned.

PIR Change form

The Ports Retirement Plan is a Portfolio Investment Entities (PIE).
This means that the tax on the earnings from your Plan investments will be paid at your nominated tax rate. The Prescribed Investor Rate or PIR has a default rate of 28%, unless you the member advise us otherwise, by completing and returning this form via email or via your payroll.